Why Horse Races are so Popular in Australia

One of the most watched type of sports in all of Australia is horse racing. It attracts viewers of all ages, genders, and classes, and they flock to horse races regardless of whether they attend the events in person or watch them on a television or computer screen.

Internationally, Australia has more horse race courses than any other nation in the world. It also has the second highest number of horses starting out in races every year, and is placed just behind the United States of America. It also ranks third in the world, after the USA and Japan, for offering the most amount of prize money for horse racing.

Horse races are often associated with a celebratory mood and attending a horse race is seen as a grave and very fashionable event. This may indeed be one reason why horse racing is so popular in Australia, but there are many other reasons as well.

Betting and Wins

One reason horse racing is so tremendously popular is its appeal for the sports bettor. Horse racing is often seen as a fun and easy money-making opportunity, and bettors flock to this sport to try their luck.

There are many reasons why crown oaks betting may be more profitable. For one, betting on horses can often be much more predictable than betting on other sports, so bettors doing their research well will most likely be in for a profit. There is also much information available about horse racing and the horses partaking in each respective race. This means that bettors have a ready pool of information to choose from to help them decide on what bets to place.

In addition, horse racing offers some of the highest prizes. So, not only are bettors more likely to stand a chance of winning, but their winnings are also likely to be much higher than with any other sport they could otherwise bet on. Australia has one of the highest amounts of prize money set aside for horse racing in the world.

Popularity Breeds Popularity

Ironically enough, the fact that horse racing has always been popular is one of the main reasons that it is still popular. In days gone past, horse racing was associated with immense excitement and offered huge entertainment value. It was a popular sport. This popularity stood the test of time, and it may be said that horse racing is popular simply because it has always been popular. Popularity breeds further popularity and age-old traditions are unlikely to simply fade away.

horse race crowd of people


Horse races are enormously accessible, both for mere spectators and the avid sports bettor. They have been ingrained into Australian society and, therefore, they are easy for newcomers to access. A sports bettor, for example, looking to bet on his next favourite sport may be drawn to betting on horse races as this is so widely accessible and easy to bet on, both in a land-based environment as well as online betting platforms. This ease of access draws in new spectators and bettors, continuing the sport’s popularity.