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What are the Pros and Cons of Live Betting?

Live betting also known as in play betting allows bettors to place bets on various sporting events after the event has started.  This is different to traditional sports betting where the bets are placed before the event begins.  This has allowed a whole range of new betting opportunities for Canadian sports bettors and is a great way for bettors to try and have an advantage over the sports books.  Live betting is also a very exciting form of betting, as bettors can place bets while watching a game.

As explained, live betting is placing a bet after a game or event has started, otherwise bets are placed in the usual way.  Bettors will have to pick which bet to place, place their bet taking the fixed odds at that time and if their prediction is correct they win, if not they will lose.  With live betting there are more types of bets and the odds will be changing all the time.  With traditional betting players can bet on who will score first in a soccer match, that bet is then closed, but with live betting bettors can predict which player will score next.  When one bet closes another one opens and this cycle continues.

Advantages of Live Betting

With regard to odds, traditional sports betting odds will often change as the event gets closer, often due to changes in circumstances.  As news is received the odds may change considerably before a game such as injuries.  With live betting the odds are constantly changing throughout the game as circumstances are changing.  These odds that are constantly changing are one of the biggest advantages of live betting.

Sports books are very good at setting the odds which makes it difficult for bettors to find value, but live odds have to be adjusted quickly and are based on what is happening at that precise time.  Often sports books do not have the time to make these adjustments as quickly as they should and this helps bettors to find value.  These adjustments are often based on the opinions of the sports books and these are not always correct.  Bettors may find that watching the game themselves may offer better judgements.

Another advantage of live betting is that Canadian bettors can make use of hedging strategies to lessen the loss when the outcome does not go their way.   Live betting is a great way to enjoy sports betting and this form of betting makes watching all types of sport much more enjoyable.  Many bettors will place small bets for fun and then watch the game and enjoy the action as if unfolds.

Disadvantages of Live Betting

Live betting also has its disadvantages.  Bettors may feel that they are not in control of their racing betting sites which may lead to placing random bets and this leads to placing bets that are not well thought out.  Live betting may also put pressure on bettors who would normally first research the odds and study the numbers.  With constantly changing odds bettors may feel pressured to place bets quickly and not everyone enjoys this kind of pressure.  Many bettors are also disappointed when they change their bet after the game has a bad start.  There are often changes in a game and with live betting changing positions is often expensive.

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Live betting cannot really be planned because of the changing situations so it is difficult for bettors to stick to a set plan.  Bettors will often have to have guidelines, but a plan set in stone will not work with live betting.