tablet with money and soccer ball

Live betting also known as in play betting allows bettors to place bets on various sporting events after the event has started.  This is different to traditional sports betting where the bets are placed before the event begins.  This has allowed a whole range of new betting opportunities for CanadianContinue Reading

The A-league offers some of the most exciting local football action available in New Zealand. It features 10 teams consisting of international and local players. The teams feature 9 from Australia and currently only one team from New Zealand, the Wellington Phoenixes. With over 130 matches in the season andContinue Reading

Known by many names including Australian Football, Aussie Rules, the AFL and the VFL, Australian Football League (AFL) refers to the elite, pre-eminent professional teams’ competition in the thrilling game of Australian Football.  The league is made up, currently, of 18 teams from five of Australia’s states; Tasmania is theContinue Reading