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Online Betting Guides for Aussie Punters

Whether you are a seasoned bettor or just in the process of discovering the ease and convenience of laying your wagers this way, a betting guide is always a good thing to have access to in order to the details on all the different types of bets available. Of course these vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and sporting event to sporting event, but once you know the basics you will be able to handle them all with aplomb.

The best online betting sites for Aussie punters will provide for far more betting options than just the straight win/lose, and will have brief descriptions of each in the online betting guide they provide. Knowing about how these bets are laid and what exactly they encompass can have you adding far more enjoyment to your betting experience as a whole, and may help you find new ways to make those big money wins.

Learning about Betting

Moneyline bets do not offer either a spread or a handicap, and the favoured team will always offer lower odds than the underdog. Spread betting has the bookmaker assigning a handicap to one team, whilst favouring another and this is done to encourage bettors to lay wagers on underdog teams. For example, NBA team A is perceived as more likely to beat NBA team B, and so the bookmaker assigns points to have the lines read A -3, B +3. If you chose Team A in this example, you would need to subtract three points from Team A’s final score in order to determine whether or not it had, in fact, beat Team B. For you to win, the final tally would have to read Team A’s point total as being more than four than that which Team B had managed to garner, and anything less would result in the bet being lost.

Teaser bets allow punters to combine his or her bets on two or more totally different games. You will be able to adjust the point’s spreads for both the games, but will need to have all of your bets win in order to collect on your payout.

More Betting Types

Run, puck or goal line bets are offered as an alternative to straight bets in hockey, soccer, NRL bets and baseball. They will feature a fixed points spread and offer punters a far higher payout for the favourites, and a lower one for the underdog, in comparison to the moneyline wagers.

Futures bets are those which take place over a far longer time than just the sporting match or game, and usually extend over weeks or even months. A popular example of this type of betting is naming the winning team of the American Super Bowl ahead of the season. These bets are laid in the September preceding the start of the games, and your winning bet will only pay out when the season has drawn to a close, in January or February the following year.

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Start exploring your online betting options by means of the guides made available online, and find new ways to wager on the sporting events you love.