NRL Bets- Full Compliment of NRL Bets for Punters

The National Rugby League is the top league in the world that governs all professional rugby sporting events in Australia and neighbouring countries. The NRL is run the Australian Rugby League Commission, and almost all professional domestic rugby games are run by the NRL, including management of the International teams that play abroad.

The NRL is often turned to when making online NRL bets, whether the bettor is from Australia, New Zealand, or most other countries that allow online betting.

The NRL organises two rugby competitions, each with 16 events, 15 of those played in Australia and one in New Zealand. Thanks to the popularity of the sport in Australia and New Zealand, bookmakers have created an entire online rugby betting industry that bettors can turn to for their sports betting needs.

NRL Bets: Head-To-Head Betting

Bookmakers offer their clients a large variety of NRL bets that have been created and customised for NRL games. One of the most common is head-to-head, which is both simple and effective and can be done by just about anyone. Bookmakers create a set of odds for each time, and bettors can wager on those odds. Odds vary from season and season, and are completely under the control of domestic Australian and New Zealand bookmaking sites.

NRL Bets: Line Betting

Line bets are the most popular of the bets available, and favoured by bookmakers. In line betting, a bookmaker will handicap a game by giving underdog teams a head start in terms of odds, making bettors more likely to wager on the team. Odds margins for each team are not hugely wide, but enough to make bettors more interested in underdog teams, meaning more that is bet as a total.

NRL Bets: Margin Betting

Bookmakers offer margin betting on all NRL rugby events, and all margin betting does not take line or head-to-head betting into account. These bets are done in points, where the odds are mutually linked to the total points accumulated by any given team.

NRL Bets: Future Betting

Like most betting sports, an option is available for bettors to make future bets, and it is one of the most popular types of NRL bets. Here, there are two main options, one for premiership betting, and another for medal betting. Premiership betting includes wagering over an entire season, where bettors make a long-term bet on the team of their choice before the tournament begins. Medal betting is a more niche type of bet, where punters can wager on who will win which badges awarded by the NRL to outstanding players.

NRL: Exotic Bets

On top of the more common NRL bets enjoyed by punters, there are a few bets offered some might be interested in. These include first score play bets, scoring play, and 40/20 kicks. These are often considered exotic bets as they are not nearly as common as the previously mentioned.

NRL Bets Overall

NRL bets are some of the most favoured in the sports betting spectrum, with players from both Australia and New Zealand having full access to the betting options offered by bookmakers.