Free bets and bonuses

Everyone loves a bonus and that is why sports betting sites offer free bets and bonuses to their bettors.  Betting bonuses are extra money that is transferred into the bettors account to place bets.  Bettors will usually have to make a deposit and place a bet in order to qualify for them, but basically it is free money.

Free bets and bonuses increase the bankroll and many online sports betting sites offer generous bonuses, mainly for new bettors signing up for the first time.

The reason why sports betting sites offer free bets and bonuses is because of the growth of online sites giving bettors many options to choose from.  Because of these online sports betting sites have to come up with new ways of attracting bettors and keeping the existing ones happy and free money is always a bonus.  Bettors are generally happier to sign up with a new site if there is a generous bonus or to keep playing if there are more bonuses on the way.

Wagering Requirements

Canadian bettors may now be asking how it is possible that online sites can just give away money.  There are of course terms and conditions attached to free bets and bonuses and generally these are reasonable.  A bettor would usually have to make a deposit to qualify and then have to bet a certain amount in order to cash out.

This is known as a wagering requirement and the terms vary from site to site.  It is important that bettors ensure that they check the terms and conditions of the free bets and bonuses.  Some sites will specify which bets can be used towards the wagering requirements or with free bets they may let bettors keep their original bet and the winnings while others will only allow bettors only their winnings.

Types of Bonuses

The most common type of bonus for Canadian bettors is a sign up bonus and is offered to bettors when they sign up for the first time.  It is usually a certain percentage of the initial deposit up to a maximum amount.  The sign up bonus is added to the bettor’s account and can be withdrawn once the wagering requirements have been met.

Some sports betting sites will offer free bets up to a certain amount rather than a sign up bonus while others will give a small free bet for signing up to the site.  Other sports betting sites may not offer a sign up bonus but will refund bettors if they lose on their first bet, this may not seem like a good deal but it is still a risk free first bet to test some soccer betting Australia with before the world cup.  Canadian bettors should take the time to look at the various bonuses and free bets when shopping for a sports betting site and choose the one that offers them the best value.

Another type of bonus is a reload bonus.  These are very similar to a sign up bonus but existing bettors can qualify for these.  Some sites will offer these bonuses to bettors when they make their first deposit every month or sometimes every week.  Few sites will give bettors a reload bonus for every deposit, but it does happen.  Most online sports betting sites will offer their existing players a VIP bonus or a loyalty programme depending on how much they bet or how long they have been betting on the site.

Bonuses and free bets are a great way for Canadian bettors to increase their bankroll and enjoy free money or bets.