About AFL – Australian Football League

Known by many names including Australian Football, Aussie Rules, the AFL and the VFL, Australian Football League (AFL) refers to the elite, pre-eminent professional teams’ competition in the thrilling game of Australian Football.  The league is made up, currently, of 18 teams from five of Australia’s states; Tasmania is the only state that doesn’t participate.

The current teams that you can bet on in the AFL are:

  • Adelaide Football Club
  • Brisbane Lions
  • Carlton Football Club
  • Essendon Football Club
  • Fremantle Football Club
  • Geelong Football Club
  • Gold Coast Football Club
  • Greater Western Sydney Giants
  • Hawthorn Football Club
  • Melbourne Football Club
  • North Melbourne Football Club
  • Port Adelaide Football Club
  • Richmond Football Club
  • St Kilda Football Club
  • Sydney Swans
  • West Coast Eagles
  • Western Bulldogs

The AFL Scoring Ladder

In AFL each team is awarded four match points for winning and in the case of a tie, two points. Points For = this is the total points that are scored by each team shown as an aggregate of the scores accumulated through the season. Points Against = this is the total points that have been scored against said team, and shown as an aggregate of their oppositions scores through that season.

To determine a team’s position on the ladder, two factors are taken into consideration, firstly the total number of points in a match i.e. the Ties and Wins, and secondly, the scoring percentage which can be calculated like this: (Points For ÷ Points Against) x 100.  Thus, the scoring % expresses that team’s proportion of points that have been scored for every 100 points that were scored against them.

Commonly Seen AFL Betting Markets

Regularly seen betting markers for AFL betting NZ on the vast majority of big, online sportsbooks are head-to-head, margin, handicap and points, over and under, doubles, players, scorecast, multiples, tri-bet, quarter-by-quarter, futures and outrights. Here we will expand on Margin, Scorecast and Tri-bets to help you gain deeper understanding of your AFL online betting options.

AFL Margin Betting

These are very specific bets which will cover the span or range in which one of the teams playing fall within the winning margin.  Many choices that offer different prices will be available, and the more specific your betting becomes dictates how high the odds get for you. You can choose to bet on either Team 1 or Team 2 to win by either an exact margin (e.g. 22 points) or a two-point spread on the margin (e.g. 13-14 points).  Also, within those markets you will have the choice to put a wager on the draw.  Punters can also bet on the scoring at each break in the exciting game.

AFL Scorecast Betting

In this newer type of AFL bet, precise odds are given by the bookies for a certain player to score the first points of the game, as well as the final winning margin spread for the whole match. The odds offered for this type of bet are always high and a very interesting option to go for.  For example, if Brisbane Lions are playing Port Adelaide, you could find the option of Daniel Rich scoring the first goal, and Brisbane Lions to win by 11-19 points.

AFL Tri-Bet Betting

A tri-bet market offers three possible outcomes in any match, and usually with AFL matches these are the general confines:

Team A will win by over 13.5 points

Team B will win by over 13.5 points

Either of the teams will be under 13.5 points (includes ties).

This is a well known betting selection in AFL which really does offer good value for your money.