Free video slots and their real money counterparts are integral to any casino, whether they are based online or in brick and mortar venues. The abundance of the latter in the big gambling destinations are something to behold, with the most popular offerings set in massive banks across the casino floor, each one being enjoyed by players at any time of day or night. As popular as they are in land-based casinos, they are also one of the top choices for online casinos, with the fact that there are no space-limitations online translating into choices running into the hundreds for the average player.

The History of Video Slots

Free video slots and those that require real money bets are the result of casino game developers noticing that the newer games could make use of the existing technology of the traditional slots games and take it much further. A totally immersive experience is provided, with intricate themes and detailed symbols being made use of, and complicated plotlines from the most popular Hollywood blockbusters being reinvented to award money to players in these fast-paced games.

Both free video slots and those that require real money bets are far more popular with online players than the traditional three-reel counterparts, with the addition of bonus games and features which award free spins and instant prizes being one of the main reasons for the attraction they hold.

Playing Video Slots for Free

Many websites provide players with lists of free video slots from various online casinos, none of which require any input besides the actual playing. No registration is generally required, nor is a deposit, since the games are offered on a complimentary basis, and, thanks to the instant play option, online slots real money Canada, no download that eats up valuable memory space on players’ devices is necessary either. It literally is a question of players finding something they are interested in and pressing play, with the switch over to real money games if the player wishes to do so at a later stage being dealt with in a matter of minutes.

Players are also able to enjoy free video slots when they make use of a welcome bonus or other promotional offer that extends these games in this manner, in which case they will not have to forego the chance to take any winnings they may accrue home. Free games offered in this manner are subject to various terms and conditions, however, and players are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with these before signing up and beginning to play. Some of the conditions include game restrictions, whereby only certain free video slots titles are made available, and all will generally have a wagering requirement attached, whereby players will be required to bet a certain amount of money before any cashouts are possible.

Try New Slots for Free

Playing video slots for free is a great way for players to try a new game without having to risk losing any money, and can help those new to the world of online gambling find their feet before committing to real money play.