All American Video Poker Becoming a Favourite

All American video poker game is a fairly new variant of Jacks or Better video poker, and is a game, which is a favourite with players who are fairly advanced in their video poker expertise.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is the larger than usual payout that is offered on all varieties of Flush or Straight winning hands. Extra generous payouts are also offered on Straight Flushes and Four of a kind as well. All American video poker rules can do this because certain other hands, like Two Pairs, are given a smaller than average payout. Players of the All American video poker game will therefore be given higher than average pay-outs for a Straight Flush, a Straight or any Flush hand, a standard pay-out for a Royal Flush, Jacks or Better or for Three of a Kind, and a lower than normal pay-out for a Full House or Two Pairs.

Different Strategies Will Be Used

The rules of All American video poker are more or less like those in Jacks or Better, but you may want to try different strategies because of the different scale of some of the pay-outs for winning hands. There are a few combinations of cards that you may receive in the first draw that are worth keeping, but if you find none of them perhaps it is wiser to discard all the cards and draw five completely new ones. All American video poker has grown in popularity during the years, and is now also available at most online casinos nz as well.

Experienced players do agree, however, that there are several paying hands that you do not want to break up in the hope of finding better cards in the next deal. Some of the experienced players also suggest that if you have a card with a high value plus a winning Pair, it would be best to discard the high card in the hope of going for Three of a Kind. You may get another high card to match the one in your hand, but in All American video poker the payout for Two Pairs and a Full House are lower than normal, so it would be a good idea to try for the higher paying combinations.

Some Tips and Hints That May Help

There are some hints that may apply to All American video poker that you may wish to use. If after the first deal you do not have a Four of a Kind, a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush, it may be best to keep the four cards that could lead to a Royal Flush. If you have four cards in a Straight Flush with no gaps, go for a Straight or a Flush. Keep four cards in a Straight Flush, even if you have a gap, and keep three of a kind. Three of the suited high cards are always worth keeping, as are four cards towards a Flush, and you should always keep two pairs. Probably it is wise to keep a king, queen, jack and ten, even if not of the same suit.

If you enjoy playing Jacks or Better, you will probably enjoy All American video poker. The substantially larger payouts on certain hands are also a great attraction.