A Closer Look at Bewitched Slots Online Casino Game

Legends and myths of witches have been a part of society for hundreds of years. There are countless tales of gifted women that could cast spells, brew potions, and divine the future, and some of these tales can be traced back to medieval times. Even in modern times, there are still groups of people that identify as witches, and believe in the power of nature and magic.

iSoftBet, the software developer behind Bewitched, has used the many famous stories of witches to bring a slot game to life. The game revolves around two sorceresses in particular, one being clad in red and the other in blue. Bewitched itself is a traditional online slot, having 5 reels and 15 paylines, as well as some added bonus content. Along with the bonus content that can be triggered during the game, Bewitched also features a progressive jackpot that iSoftBet veterans will be familiar with. Bewitched is available on all platforms, including desktops, tablets, smart phones, and laptops.

Bewitched Aesthetic and Symbols

The game is set against a dark sky, with a light mist drifting behind the reels. Stars can be seen in the background, and the game will be especially appealing for those who prefer a darker aesthetic. The imagery of the symbols in Bewitched is made up of different art styles related to all things magical.

Symbols can include the witches themselves, castles, a wizard, quill and parchment, and more. All the symbols in the game are different, with each one having a unique value that is used to calculate how much a player will win should the player have a successful spin. The paytable button can be used to display information about the symbols, including their value and the types of combinations that can be made with them.

Bewitched Gameplay and Layout

To start with, everything the player needs to play Bewitched can be found at the bottom of the screen, beneath the reels. This includes all betting options, payline settings, as well as various displayers, such as the total amount of coins the player has available. Here, players are able to choose the exact amount of coins they would like to bet per spin, as well as the number of paylines that will be used for every spin. These options give player a large degree of customisation like in mobile pokies NZ, allowing for gameplay that suits the player’s needs.

As far as the core gameplay of Bewitched is concerned, the game plays the same as most online slots. Players can start by making various betting and line options, and then use the spin or autoplay buttons to begin spinning the reels. The reels will come to a stop, and winnings are earned if the player manages to land the correct symbols in the correct winning combinations. Bewitched is, therefore, easy to learn for those new to the online slot world.

Bewitched Bonus Features

One of the most common bonus features in Bewitched that can be triggered fairly often is the free spins bonus. Landing 3 or more scatter symbols instantly grants the player up to 5 free spins which begin automatically. Bewitched also comes with a bonus minigame that is triggered once the special bonus symbol has been landed at least 3 times across the reels.

Bewitched Verdict

Fans of Wicca and witches in general, or just those that love darker, more spooky slots will find Bewitched appealing.