The Daring Game of Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack is something fresh on the casino scene, and is certainly rated as really exciting entertainment. Particularly when the version of Double Exposure Blackjack played is from NetEnt. NetEnt aim to provide casino game solutions built around innovation, and this has resulted in numerous industry awards such as Slot Provider of the Year, and illustrates the basic ethos of the company.

NetEnt games are backed up with a powerful back office function, and is one of the bonuses of playing a game by such a complete gaming systems provider. Their games are famous for their high entertainment value and realistic gameplay. The odds on Double Exposure Blackjack may not be as good as classic blackjack, but the return is still competitive. With the involvement of NetEnt, Double Exposure Blackjack has become one of the most entertaining games in the casino.

The Advantage of Playing this Blackjack Version

Double Exposure Blackjack is a version of blackjack that is often also called the Two Card game. First appearing in Vegas, the unique characteristic of the game is that the two cards that are dealt to the dealer are both exposed face up. Knowing the dealer’s hand increases the players’ information regarding the play, and the exact odds faced are therefore known.

There are additional rule changes in Double Exposure Blackjack that compensate the dealer for the open disclosure of his hand. The player’s pay-out for natural blackjack is reduced to even money. Players will lose their bets when their hand is equal to that of the dealer. Players cannot buy insurance nor utilise the surrender function of online blackjack.

Double Exposure Rules and Regulations

The standard card shoe used in NetEnt’s Double Exposure blackjack contains six decks, and this is part of the balancing process to compensate for the advantage enjoyed by players in being able to see both the dealer’s cards. Additional rule changes to balance the statistical odds of Double Exposure Blackjack in NetEnt’s version of the game is restricted doubling down and splitting regulations.

There are some specific rule changes in NetEnts’ Double Exposure Blackjack that players need to consider as they will impact significantly on their overall strategy. Doubling down remains an option but this can only be done when the first two cards dealt have a value of 9, 10 or 11. The double down bet that is required is equal to the ante amount. After choosing to double down, players will receive just one card and will automatically stay. Double down is, nevertheless, possible after splitting a hand. All wins in Double Exposure Blackjack are paid even money, and there is no insurance bet against the NZ online casino dealer getting a blackjack.

Finding Double Exposure Blackjack Online

Double Exposure Blackjack is on offer at most of the top online casinos. Although numerous software developers have produced their own versions of this game, and there may be subtle rule differences amongst them, Net Entertainment has a reputation for fairness and overall entertainment value.

All NetEnt casino games, and the reason their version of Double Exposure Blackjack is so highly appreciated, is that all their casino games are verified by internal testing and quality assurance process. This is followed by the independent review and verification that forms a seal of credibility, which makes NetEnts’ games works of art that they are justifiably proud of.