More Details about Blackjack Pro Online Casino Game by NetEnt

Blackjack Pro is an online casino card game powered by Net Entertainment. The professional series blackjack game is played in exactly the same way a standard game of blackjack. The only difference in this game is that players can play up to three hands at once. In terms of design, NetEnt have kept the basic look and feel of a classic Blackjack table.

The screen is filled with a large green blackjack table where the shuffled cards are kept to the right of the screen and the used cards are discarded to the left of the screen. At the bottom right corner are the player chips with the dealer’s chips at the top centre.

Blackjack Pro Game Setup

The background music is a soothing piano mix that can be turned on or off depending on whether you enjoy the distraction. In Blackjack pro, there are three betting stations on the table. Players can choose to play from one up to three hands on every turn. The deal and hit buttons are situated at the bottom centre of the screen. Up next to the dealer’s chips are the specific minimum and maximum bets that pertain to the specific blackjack game.

Getting Started

In Blackjack Pro, the game begins with players placing their bet. In this game players can choose to bet on a single hand, two hands or three hands. Once the bet or bets have been placed the computer will automatically deal two cards per hand bet. The computer dealer will also deal himself two cards with one card facing down.

The aim of blackjack is to get as close to 21 points without going over 21. If players go over 21 points it’s called going bust and players lose their bet. In blackjack the card suits are irrelevant. All numbered cards are worth their face value with jack, queen and king worth 10 points each. The ace is worth 1 point or 11 points depending on what the player requires.

Winning in Blackjack Pro

Depending on what cards are showing players have a number of options at this point. In Blackjack Pro, players can stick, hit, split, or double down. If players feel they have a good enough hand to beat the dealer, they can stick. If they have a low scoring hand they can hit and request an additional card. If you have been dealt two of the same cards, they can split them into two separate hands. If players choose to double down it means you double your bet and can only receive one more card.

Playing Multiple Hands

After players have made their decision to stick or hit, the dealer will deal more cards or reveal his facedown card. The computer will automatically determine if you or the dealer has won the round. If players are playing multiple hands, a small white arrow will indicate which hand being played. Once all three hands have been played the dealer will reveal his hand and determine which of your hands have lost or won against his one hand. In Blackjack pro the dealer must stand on 17 and must keep drawing cards if below 16 points.