Superbucks Aristocrat Slot Review & Guide for Brand New Players Online

Superbucks Aristocrat Slot Review & Guide for Brand New Players Online

Superbucks slot machine by Aristocrat may be one of the most popular slots games ever. Certainly following the advice from Pierre Fabe and Albert Einstein that simpler is better, Superbucks Aristocrat Slot is appealing for that very reason.

Albeit a simple, classic slots machine, and definitely not the easiest on any gamblers’ eye, Superbucks Aristocrat Slot game has established itself as a legend in the field, and is one of the all-time gold standard games. Aristocrat has released a fresh version of Superbucks Aristocrat Slot every few years.

The very latest Superbucks slot machine runs on the advanced Aristocrat MKVI hardware, the platform for some of the most highly advanced slots games available today. Featuring high-quality sound and graphics nonetheless, Superbucks Aristocrat Slot games’ very simplicity appeals obviously to a broad swathe of slots players around the world.

Superbucks initially began with both three and five reel versions, although now the three reel game version is pretty much phased out of the range. The five reel version, however, keeps growing from strength to strength, and despite its limited online availability as a real money slots game, is still frightfully well-liked and enjoyed.

The simple and straightforward visual attributes of Superbucks Aristocrat Slot appeal to the experienced player, and the majority of the symbols are taken up with fruits and sevens. Linked occasionally to nostalgia, Superbucks Aristocrat Slot is rather more than a mere glance at the past, it is a game that has reduced the core enjoyment of good, honest highly paid out slots play to the bare essentials, the very bare essentials that made slots play so popular in the first place.

The Betting Range

Superbucks Aristocrat Slot machine is, like many Aristocrat slots games, targeted at a particular segment of the slots market. This is not a ‘penny’ game for players to spend all day playing 0.01 coins. Superbucks is aimed at the higher end of the market with the minimum stake per spin being a full coin. The maximum stake possible on a single spin is 100 coins, which can quickly become a sizable amount of money.

Both in terms of stakes and prizes. Which, obviously, is the whole point of the game. A large amount is required to wager effectively on Superbucks Aristocrat Slot, but with a solid payout rate, a large amount could also be won. And the payout rate really is one of the better rates available. This is by far one of the most exciting Australian online pokies available to players these days.

Free Spins, Few Features and Big Bonuses

With Superbucks Aristocrat Slot, one could easily be forgiven for concentrating on the reel symbols lining up. They may be a constant source of winnings, but the game objective and largest financial reward system in Superbucks Aristocrat Slot is actually the free spins at

These are triggered by three Scatter symbols appearing. Up to 20 free spins can be achieved. During this free spins bonus round all winnings are trebled too, which is where the financial rewards part comes in.

Aristocrat may have limited online game accessibility, and often is only available at land-based casinos, but Superbucks Aristocrat Slot is a high quality slots game that is worthwhile playing for free online, and even more worthwhile finding at a casino.