While experienced players will know all about stacked wilds, this concept might be a bit unfamiliar to many new players. The way that stacked wilds work is fairly straightforward. Basically, this wild symbol is able to cover more than just one section of a reel. Typically, it might cover up to 3 or 4 blocks. This is what makes the wild a stacked symbol. Different slot games will offer this feature in different ways. In some cases, these stacked symbols will show up during the standard game play part of the game. However, in other cases, players are rewarded in the free spins part of the game.

If you are still wondering what all the fuss is in regards to stacked wilds, the answer is quite simple. Because the wild symbols cover a numbers of different blocks, this can have the effect of creating a whole range of new winning combinations. Of course, the more winning combination that are landed, the bigger the potential wins can be.

Learning about Stacked Wilds

For all of the stack wilds games that you look at, first spend a little bit of time reading up on the game, and exactly how the features work. It is often a good idea to refer to the paytable, and to find out what the winning combinations are. This may affect how you bet on the game, and what slot playing strategies you make use of. The great thing about stacked wild symbols in the free spins part of any game is that you can just spin away without thinking too hard about betting strategies. The more winning combinations you are able to create, the more opportunities there are to win bigger prizes.

Games with Stacked Wilds

If you are looking for some stacked wilds titles or games to try, there are a number of good options to start with. The Rainbow Riches slot is one of the most popular options. However, you might also like to look at Kronos, Wolf Run, and also Coyote Moon. While the themes of these games are all quite different, the all offer the stacked wild symbol feature. Of course these games also all function in quite different ways, and might offer different game reels, and also a different number of pay lines. At the end of the day, you should be able to just login to play any of these games, and you will be able to figure it out as you go along.

When looking for slot games that offer the stacked wilds feature, have a look at Queen of Hearts, online betting NZ, Girls with Guns, Break Away, and also Wild Rockets. Some of these games, as well as many others, are available in free or no deposit mode. Playing these slot games in this format is a good way of learning how stacked symbols work, and how they impact on the game. While you might not be eligible to win any of the real money jackpot prizes, this is still a good way to learn. Once you are happy with a slot, you can easily switch over to the real money version.