Roulette is a classic casino game whose name originates from the French for “small wheel”. The first primitive version of Roulette was conceptualised in the 17th century by French mathematician Blaise Pascal while on a quest to create a machine that could achieve perpetual motion. Almost a century later, theContinue Reading

While experienced players will know all about stacked wilds, this concept might be a bit unfamiliar to many new players. The way that stacked wilds work is fairly straightforward. Basically, this wild symbol is able to cover more than just one section of a reel. Typically, it might cover upContinue Reading

Viking Mania is a digital slots game from developers Playtech that takes a much more tongue-in-cheek approach to its depiction of fearsome, bloodthirsty Viking warfare than many other Viking-themed slots games. The graphics and 3D animations, including a vibrant intro, are rendered more in cartoon or comic-book style, and inContinue Reading