Deep Sea Treasure Slot Review & Guide for New Players Online

Deep Sea Treasure Slot Review & Guide for New Players Online

When it comes to online slots games, the theme of underwater treasure is a fairly common one. Games developer IGT has created a vast number of games that cover both popular and unconventional themes.

Deep Sea Treasure tends to lean more towards the former, yet at the same time, offers players the same standard of playing that they have become accustomed to from this developer. Below, you will find more information on how to play this game, as well as any tips and tricks you should consider before diving in and uncovering the treasures for yourself.

Structure and Features                                                                                                                             

IGT’s Deep Sea Treasure is made up of five reels, each holding 20 lines. This is a fairly standard setup, but winnings can be multiplied by up to 12 times. Within these reels, players can expect to find the usual scatters and wild symbols, which naturally, contribute to making the game more exciting and unpredictable, and may well just help increase winnings too.

These features lend themselves to players as lifelines, so to speak, as they could lead to extended play. Oftentimes in this game, the correct combination of symbols also lead to bonus games, which of course, creates even more opportunity for players to win.


Of course, symbols form an integral part of any online slots game, and knowing exactly what each one means is key to maximising your time spent playing. Apart from the Puffa Fish, Deep Sea Treasure by IGT offers players a range of quirky characters.

These include the shark symbol (which represents the wild feature), a starfish (which yields a value of 200 coins), a clown fish (valued at 500 coins), a sea turtle (a further 250 coins) and an anchor (150 coins), amongst a variety of other oceanic themed symbols.

All in all, as an online slots game, Deep Sea Treasure has exactly what online casino slots game players have come to expect from these kinds of games. IGT has played it relatively safe with this game by sticking to a trusted formula, but it all comes together quite well in the end.

This game is great for players of all levels, from beginners right up to seasoned players, as it follows a classic structure and makes for entertaining spins. This is by far one of the most exciting slots NZ has on offer these days.

Free Games

As mentioned above, Deep Sea Treasure creates opportunities for players to enjoy the benefits of free or bonus games. This feature is triggered by the appearance of at least three Puffa Fish symbols. Once this feature is activated, players are tasked with selecting at least one of the Puffa Fish to determine how many rounds of this underwater-themed game by IGT will be awarded to them.

All in all, players can expect to receive a maximum of 50 free games from the Puffa Fish symbols. Should a player make it through all free games, they will be redirected to the Octopus Bonus, which allows them to pick a treasure chest that will reveal a specific amount of multipliers.